Live for the City
About the Project

The initial idea was to open the brand up to more of a diverse audience. I worked along side my creative director to create the motion graphics used throughout the film.

The ‘Live for the City’ campaign from creative agency Spark44 was conceived to extol a sense of urban adventure among viewers and to "prove that the Land Rover is also for urban city dwellers". It featured fashion model and mental health activist Adwoa Aboah in a series of films following her London routines and rituals. From the interior of the Range Rover Evoque she "paid tribute" to neighbourhoods like Brixton and Golborne Road.

I worked with a videoographer to streamline the timing of each animation. The clock was a functional piece that was easily adjustable when timings needed to be refined.

The outcome

The 6 campaign videos released on Instagram now have over 650K views in total, with the full video released on youtube having 43K views. It was well recieved and highlighted the attaction of Land Rover being a multi-functional vehicle for all ages.

Design System