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About the Project

Mercedes-Benz Vans found that many potencial leads were falling short when business's and self employed customers were unable to easliy order new parts when visting retailers.

The Vans Accessories POS application was commissioned to coincide with the web and mobile versions. Due to many retailers having a very loyal customer base, and business’s using specific retailers for any repairs and upgrades to their fleets, the touch screen version of the tool was there for drivers to easily find a specific part that they may need to update. The user was able to send their wish list to an email or print their choices for the retailer to order the parts. We found that using the application at specific events, also highlighted the brands progressive nature and the usability of touch screen products became a specialty within the agency. The system was easy to use and utilised the React JS framework.

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We pitched for the opportunity to create more of a lifestyle aspect to the tool with the release of the new Vito Camper Van. I created a unique set of Vans iconography to elaborate on the travelling and outdoor lifestyle the new van wanted to convey.

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The outcome

The projects were very well received by our clients at Mercedes-Benz Vans. They were impressed with our effort to constantly improve existing platforms. From these changes, the client has insisted they want all the future and past applications to feel similar and fit into this visual language. The project not only was for the client, but was used as a design framework for the YFS design team to base their projects on, allowing them to effectively start designing with templates set up in sketch using the grid, colour palette, navigation etc...

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