JLR Top Trumps
About the Project

Jaguar Land Rover Top Trumps was a marketing first.

The initial application was made to coincide with the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but due to the feedback and success of the initial launch, we decided to keep and refine the app for future generations. I was tasked with creating a separating look and feel for each individual brand, this gave me the opportunity to give each section of the application a separate personality. Initially the goal for the Top Trumps app was to gain vital datasets to then target with future offers, with this in mind we incorporated many opportunities to test drive, requests a brochure and order your own physical packs.

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Each brand has their own separate identity, and do not often mix. I created separate gameplay aspects but utilised the 'clean' look and feel of each brand when designing duel branded screens.

The outcome

The separation of both brands to give a distinct feel went very well with the clients. Approaching the project with a product mindset improved the final result drastically. The application feels like one coherent piece, and the physical cards give the user that extra obsentive to download.

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